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Covid on Christmas Season

Last Dec. 07, 2020 I conducted a simple, Social Experiment, to gather some salient and honest opinions of the community on how they perceived the recent Pandemic as we celebrate the Christmas season. We should understand that the Gov’t. still has that marching orders to observe health protocols, yet we noticed that in our Public PlazaContinue reading “Covid on Christmas Season”

“ Black and White ”

Black and white is a common opposing forces, signifying light and shade, good and evil, chiaroscuro. Even in politics, politicians plays colors. Here in the Philippines we have the oppositions being tagged as the “Yellowtards”, and the administration camp as the “Dutertards” or the “Redtards”. And this affects not only their political relationship and leadership,Continue reading ““ Black and White ””

The Pen

As the old saying goes, “she’s indeed mightier than a two-bladed sword”, that conquers millions of hearts and golds. Friendships, nations, and futures were destroyed, just with her single short mighty stroke. Everyone that will trust and treat her as a friend, will suffer her betrayal ’til their tomb, for the only weakness of herContinue reading “The Pen”

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